• Changing the Statistics: A Commitment to Diabetes Research

    A Point of View by Dr. Sam Engel, associate vice president, diabetes, endocrinology and women's health, Merck Research Laboratories

    Merck careersWith the prevalence of diabetes continuing to grow in many countries, it is one of the most serious chronic health challenges we face today. Approximately 425 million adults worldwide have diabetes. Because diabetes may increase the risk of many complications – including kidney disease, retinal damage, peripheral nerve disease, heart attack and stroke – its impact can be significant. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S., and sixth worldwide.

    Advancements in diabetes research are making a remarkable difference, but we recognize there is much more work to be done. In fact, about one-third of adults with diabetes in the U.S. are not at their A1C goal.?

    At Merck, we are deeply committed to changing this statistic – for more than 15 years, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to diabetes research.? We strive for scientific excellence and innovation in all stages of research, from evaluating early pipeline candidates to conducting rigorous late-stage studies.? Importantly, we recognize the tremendous added value of collaborating with others to achieve our collective goals for people with diabetes.? To that end, we have established collaborations with a number of academic institutions, as well as biotechnology and other pharmaceutical companies.

    Additionally, we understand that to advance diabetes management, it is necessary to generate an extensive collection of data.

    The fight against diabetes is not an easy undertaking, but I am confident that important progress is being made. I am proud to be part of a research team that is committed to doing something truly meaningful to help people with diabetes.